Mark Emerick has been the guitarist/vocals for "The Commander Cody Band" (Hot Rod Lincoln, Smoke that Cigarette) for several years and tours extensively around the country. Mark has also shared the stage with Gregg Allman, Dicky Betts, Toy Caldwell, Marshall Tucker Band, Ruth Pointer (The Pointer Sisters), Lester Chambers, Dan Toler, His unique blend of country, blues and southern rock lends to his versatile playing that compliments the stylings of many musical genres.

Born and raised in the small town of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, Mark attended St. Mary's Central Catholic High School (Class of '73) and played at local school dances.  Mark began to play professionally around town in the early 70's with his brother Dave, cousin Timmy Kelliher, Carter Bianchi, Tom Meinscow and Mike Beausoleil. Some early bands included: "Toad", "Tumbleweed", "Dave Pike & The Memphis Express" and "Southpaw". Music led Mark to leave the small town (where his Dad was Chief of Police!!!) and pursue his interests around the country - more often than not, in California, South Carolina, Florida and Colorado. In the late 80's Mark finally settled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. As luck would have it, Commander Cody also moved to Upstate New York and soon after Bill Kirchen (original guitar player of the Lost Planet Airmen) referred Mark to the "Commander" for his new band.

The Commander Cody Band is closely knit with the legendary George Frayne a.k.a. "The Commander" leader /keyboards/vocals), Steve Barbuto (drums/vocals)  and Mark Emerick on lead guitar and vocals. Privileged frequently with guest steel guitar appearances by Bobby Black, Tiny Olson, John Wingren and special pork pick'n pal Don E. Curtis of Scotty's Music. Mark performs many special guest performances with The Marshall Tucker Band in the Northeast.


Vocalists: Otis Clay, Eddie Montgomery, Raul Malo,  Bobby "Blue" Bland, Little Milton, Jimmy Hall, Gregg Allman, Johnny Bush, Marty Robbins, Dave Pike, David Ball, Dwight Yoakam, Darrel McCall, Ray Price and Dean Martin  .

Guitarists: Toy Caldwell, Dicky Betts, Zal Yanovsky, James Burton, Clarence White, Danny Gatton, Stephen Stills, Danny Toler, Jock Bartly, Tim Kelliher and of course, Duane Allman.

Steel Guitarists: Buddy Emmons, Jerry Byrd, Herby Wallace, Bobby Black, Speedy West, Jimmy Day, Curley Chalker, Herb Remington, John Hughey and close friends Don E. Curtis and Chris "Tiny" Olson.

Bands: Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels Band, Wet Willie, Flying Burrito Brothers, CommanderCody, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Buck Owens & The Buckaroos, Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys, Derailers, Dale Watson, The Mavericks and Montgomery Gentry.

Equipment: 1991 Fender Telecaster with Seymour Duncan pickups through a 1973 Silverface Fender Twin Reverb amp with two JBLD120 speakers. Also 1955 Gibson Les Paul Special.